What Is Black Hat SEO and How To Use Black Hat SEO In Post

What Is Black Hat SEO
Written by vijaygehlot
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What Is Black Hat SEO

Event Niche Blogging is incomplete without using Black Hat SEO Technique’s as Black Hat SEO illegal way of using SEO to rank your article or pages on top by doing keyword stuffing. If your caught Google will penalized your Blog for sure so it’s mainly used for Event Nice Blogging as its for short term.

Before I explain you How and where Black Hat SEO is applied I would clear few things with you, Black Hat SEO is used for short term blogs as if you use this on your Regular Blog you may get penalized and you will suffer. Black Hat SEO can make you rank on any topic but it’s just On Page optimization you even have to focus on Off Page optimization.

Here are the Technique’s for Black Hat SEO which I personally used and they worked and Google did not even penalize me. If you do it safely everything will be fine and you will rank. Black Hat SEO is mainly of Keyword Stuffing so check the were to apply keyword stuffing that Google won’t easily come to know.

  • Keyword Stuffing at Starting of Post – Google Mostly read’s first 100-150 words and that’s the best place to add keyword stuffing.
  • Keyword Stuffing at End of the Post – Now don’t simply add keywords at the end of post. Make list for every keywords so that Google won’t understand. Use <li> Tag.
  • Make Keywords Bold – Making all the keywords Bold which you added to your article will indicate Google what you article is about and try to <h2> Tags in article has much you can and they will also work as keywords
  • Adding Maximum Images in Post – Adding Keyword Stuffing in Alt Tag for every Images or Picture you use in Post.
  • Keyword Stuffing at Alt Links – Adding Keyword Stuffing while adding Ahref’s link and putting keywords in Alt Tags.
  • Keyword Stuffing in Comments – About this very few people knows that by adding keyword stuffing in comment of article will make post rank.
  • Repeating Focus Keyword – Try using Focus Keyword in post 2-3 in very paragraph of 150-200 words.

There are even more ways for Black Hat SEO and Keyword Stuffing but I mainly use this and I do always rank but apply this method on my Event Niche Blogs. And I am sure if you apply this in article before 2-3 days of Event it will definitely, just remaining Off-page Optimization work you need to do and your on top.

So by this here I end with this article hope you got all the Steps For Using Black Hat SEO and Keyword Stuffing.

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