Make Fast $$$ (Earning) with my Short & Easy Spam Trick

How To Make Money From Blogging
Written by vijaygehlot
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Many people don’t know about me as I am not pro blogger nor I have good reputed Website or Blog but yet I make more than 2500$ easily and many might be knowing that how I make those $$$ earning but here question is not about How I make, Here I will be guiding you so that you can make more money than I do. I give you a commitment if you follow & understand every single step I mention over here then 100% you will be next, who will earning those amount which I am getting them.

I hope with my commitment now you might be pretty sure that yes there is something hope here in this article and yes you are at the right place.

**Note –

  • This is complete Spam work which I am sharing you it may have or may not have any future.
  • Don’t only depend on Short & Easy ways as it’s not for long journey.

Make Fast Earning (Money) with Short & Spam Trick

As we all know Event Niche Blogging is the fast way to Earn the money and make huge $$$ in less time but many people fails in it but here I am providing you method which will 100% make you a profit. Don’t think I am talking shit over here and bluffing thing as once you read every single point you will be the person to thanks me for this information.

Why Do People Fail In Event Niche?

Let’s starts with reason because it’s important to know how people fail more than how people succeed.

Wrong On Page Optimization

  • I have seen many bloggers using domain name using dash in between such domains don’t rank well this make Domain Spoils.
  • Many Blogger by EMD domain name eg. but tries to rank there blogs on “Friendship Day SMS” word, remember if buy EMD domains to rank home page with same keyword so focus on that word first.
  • Many Bloggers by EMD domains but focus on ranking there post first rather than Home Page or EMD Domain, if you want rank you post only then try will regular blog and from there they will rank more better why to waste timing in new domain and blog.
  • And biggest mistaking choosing the hard keywords “EMD Domain” which really has high competition.

Wrong OFF Page Optimization

  • Depending totally on Sitewide Links which simply spoils your money many times.
  • Focus on Software Backlinks which are huge spam and penalize you blogs.
  • Buying Huge Number of Sitewide links or other Backlinks gigs which Google catches when you start getting traffic and result it penalize or manual action over your blog.
  • No proper web submission.
  • Spamming and creating on unrelated content sites.

Well these are main reason why people fail. But follow the easy and fast trick which I tell you and you can easily make money online.

Easy Spam Tricks To Earn in Short Time

Buy a EMD Domain

  • Choose a good event to make blog on, Don’t focus on words which mainly other bloggers do. Don’t focus on Festivals as already Pro bloggers will spam on it.
  • Choose Unique event like from upcoming Movie, Mobile, Tv Serials, Sports as many blogger wont focus on it and I mentioned upcoming because they are new so Google won’t have much content related that and you can easily rank in 2-3 days.

Example – Recently I “Singham Returns” Movie came and I made blog on it focusing word “Singham Box Office Collection” and I took domain reason behind working Singham Movie was many blogger wont focus on it and made easy competition for me by focusing “Box Office Collection” to it.

  • I Book domain and started working on it 4-5 days before event.
  • Done On Page Optimization of Home Page
  • Done with Blog Submission & Directories

And in 3 Days by doing those blog was on 1st page as Google had very few results on that word. So remember don’t focus more on things which already has more search result in Google. Focus more on New information.

And on event day I got 46k Page Views and total in month I got 60k Organic traffic on Home and more than 1 Lac organic searches on blog. This was very easy event which gave me more than 500$ using Floating Adsense. It was just efforts of 3-4hrs Daily about 3-4 Days and gave the result.

Some Keywords which you may focus to easily rank

Upcoming Movies – xyz box office collection, xyz first day box office collection, xyz release date, xyz songs, xyz trailer

Tv Serials – xyz season, watch xyz live, xyz episodes, xyz contestants, xyz online

Gadgets – xyz price, xyz release date, xyz specification, xyz offers, xyz features

Upcoming Sports – xyz live streaming, xyz live scores, xyz point table, xyz schedule, xyz predictions, xyz teams

Focusing this keywords will make you rank in 3-4 days and you make good amount about 300-500$ in less time. Reason to focus this is keywords is just because Google would not have this content so easily you can rank.

So All The Best To You, now totally it depends on you how you will make use of this information and create bigger. For each event you just need to work for 4-5days and results will be in your hand.

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