How To Earn $ 1000 From Event Niche Blog, Complete Guide

How To Make 1000$ From Event Blogging
Written by vijaygehlot
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How To Earn From Event Niche Blog? – Here I am sharing you Complete Guide To Earn From Event Niche Blog. Now before I provide you Steps To Earn From Event Niche Blog, I would like to tell you about my success in Event Niche Blog because that will create more interest in you for Event Niche Blogging. I don’t have regular as I only for on Event Niche Blog but today I felt to write this article so that I can help every single person who are struggling hard so they can clear there doubt from here.

I started Blogging in June 2013 and now its June 2014 so its complete 1 year I am into Blogging and I started my 1st Event Niche Blog in December for “Happy New Year” in that I failed and earned only 70$ from entire event. But I kept working I faced many different problems in every event like

  • Adsense Blocked on my Blog before event
  • Server Crash during event as I had some scammer Hosting Provider
  • Got Penalised by Google and Ranking got down
  • Ranked on 1st Page of Google but no traffic
  • Getting Less CPC or CTR

There are were more problems but there are main problems even you might face and here I will be providing for every single problem.

My Success In Event Niche Blog

  • My 1st Biggest Success was on 11th May 2014 on Mothers Day Event on that event I earned $ 2,762 in single day and more than $ 3,500 from entire event. On that event my Adsense were blocked by Google on my Blog and I had to redirect all my traffic to another blog and generated revenue. And I got 80% traffic from single Keyword which was “Mothers Day Quotes” as on that word I was ranking on 2nd position of google and they single word gave this much revenue.
  • My 2nd Success was on 15th June 2014 on Fathers Day Event. This time I had experience of previews event I don’t wanted to make mistake which I made on previews event. This time I earned $ 2,754 in single day and failed to break my own record but this time I was managing many other blogs also along with Fathers Day I was focusing on Fifa so this time I thought to focus on easy keywords like “Happy Fathers Day Quotes” “Happy Fathers Day Poems” etc instead of going for “Fathers Day Quotes” “Fathers Day Poems” and I ranked on keywords “Fathers Day Poems” “Happy Fathers Day Poems” “Happy Fathers Quotes” 5 Days before event only but searches were low compared to Mothers Day and I did not received traffic and event I was facing problems of getting very less CPC and CTR but on last day I fixed everything and got Max CTR and CPC.

Complete Guide To Earn From Event Niche Blog

  • Domain Selection For Event Niche Blog

To Earn From Event Niche Blog main thing is Keyword you focus as if you choose wrong keyword then you entire effort will get waste which you put on Off-page Optimization. So always choose keyword which has more than 30,000 Searches Monthly and more then 3,00,000 Searchduring that event, and you can easily check searches on Google Adwords.

And I would recommend that Don’t focus on hard word like “Fathers Day Quotes” “Fathers Day Cards” go for domains like “Happy Fathers Day Quotes” “Happy Fathers Day Cards” because this keywords will easily make you rank on top.

  • Blog Step For Event Niche Blog And On Page Optimization
  1. Many Blogger install Dynamic themes for their blog, I would recommend try to use simple theme which has very less CSS as we all know they increase our site load time and we need to compress over theme as much as we can. Even you should compress your theme by using “”
  2. Now keywords Stuffing is popular for doing Home Page SEO and but while you setting you Homage Page SEO don’t forget to Add you main Keyword at starting of Title, Description and Keywords. Don’t spam a lot as now days Google is taking manual action over EMD blogs. And you can rank without spamming or using Black Hat SEO also just you need to Keyword at right place.
  3. Regular Posting to blog will also improve you blog ranking as many people thinks backlinks are on source to rank on top but I will say Backlinks help more to maintain you ranking on particular Google and as you keep posting you blog get boost so Backlinks and Posting should be maintain in same ratio just don’t depend upon on backlinks.
  4. While writing article for Event Niche Blog always focus on low competition words don’t ignore keywords which has 200-300 searches event they will give you good traffic so focus on every single word related to that niche.
  5. Try to use 2-3 Images, 2-3 Heading 2 in content, Adding 1 Video this simple thing will improve you SEO more and you won’t need to focus on Black Hat SEO as on Fathers Day Event many Quality Post ranking better. And make lengthy post about 1200-1500 words.

How To Make Backlinks For Event Niche Blog

Now this is what many blogger might be waiting to know that where do I am make backlinks and How To Make Backlinks For Event Niche Blog well here I would share everything but let me make you one thing clear as many blogger asked me which software do you use to make backlinks and I say I don’t use software and they were not ready to accept the fact. Till now I got people many reviews about software backlinks which are complete Spam and many times it will spoil your SEO also so don’t think about Software Backlinks as making manual backlinks has more impact. So here are the Ways To Make Backlinks For Event Niche Blog.

  • Comment Backlinks – This is more effective way to create backlinks and this will boost your blog in less time but making this backlinks in proper way is more important. Many people find PR blog to comment which is correct but find those kind of PR Blog on which comment automatically get approved and best thing about that is you can make many backlinks on that same Blog by commenting on every Post and that will more backlinks every post URL will be counted. One more thing Try to Use Keyword your focusing to rank while commenting.
  • Link Farming (Directory Submission) – Getting Backlinks from Directories are very easy way all you need to search PR Directories and submit you website and you there site link you your blog for exchange link. If you do around 30-40 Directory submission before daily that will easily boost your blog.
  • Forums Backlinks – Making you backlinks over Forums is little difficult as you need to be brave while making that but once you are smart enough you can drive traffic forums and even you will have backlinks. Example Yahoo Answers, Ask, Discussion Forums. Just create question or give answer but adding you site link and you will get traffic and backlink.
  • Free Web Submission – Many people ignore this but don’t ignore this as its more important Free Web Submission on as many sites will give you backlinks and even submit you site on different search engine and try to get traffic from other search engine also like Bing and Yahoo.

I know many people might wonder this thing they already know but why they are yet know able to rank and I am able to. You might even wonder I am hiding things from you but I would say no this are only steps I follow and I rank because I start working 1month before event and I do regular work as Note it down regular work will make you rank so maintain daily 5 post and 50-60 backlinks every day and see the result. I am 100% you will rank. And don’t waste time behind paid backlinks and software as they will simply waste you money and in returns you won’t get anything.

And try to generate maximum revenue of every single traffic, you should have minimum 5% CTR if you don’t get that much go for Floating Adsense and using that for single day won’t harm you as every single visitors is important that day as on day of event you will surely receive maximum CPC just you have to manage your CTR and once you take you CTR to 7% you can easily earn about $ 2,700 like me from only 90,000 Page Views.

I hope I am clear with my side I might have missed some points or if you have doubt you may comment and ask me I will always try my best to help you. – Vijay Gehlot

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