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Learn Blogging With Vijay

How Can I Make Money Online ?

There are many ways to earn online but here I teach you to earn from Blogging with Google Adsense & Affiliate Marketing. If you are Newbie then surely you might be wondering “What is Blogging?”, “What is Google Adsense?” & “Affiliate Marketing?” well so let me explain you this.

  • Blogging – In simple words making you website and writing post to it on an event, situation or any topic is called blogging. *(If you don’t know any HTML coding still you can make your own blog in simple installation)
  • Google Adsense – It’s a company of Google which provide & publish advertisement. We can earn throw Google Adsense by putting their Ads on your website and will be paid as Cost Per Click (CPC).
  • Affiliate Marketing – Its commission based program if you refer the product to someone and if he/she buy the product from your reference you will be paid some % amount of that product.

Why Should I Do Blogging ? | Does Blogging Has Scope ?

  • Looking to make money online?
  • Want to earn huge amount in less time ?
  • Are you bored with Job and want to start your own business ?
  • Want to earn extra income by just spending some hours ?
  • Want to work from home ?

This are some basic reason for which I will suggest you to go for Blogging.

And if you ask me Does Blogging Has Scope ? then I would obviously say yes, because if it did not had scope then myself would have not done this work. Blogging is the platform were you don’t need to do any extra course or learn computer language its very easy and fast way to earn huge income. I will show you some Top Blogger in India who are earning huge income.

top bloggers of india

Along with them there are many other Indian Blogger who are earning huge amount. I hope after knowing them you would like to get into blogging world. You may even have some hesitation that you don’t belong from I.T or Computer field so will I be able to do? I would say Yes, because there are many blogger who don’t even know any coding and in fact blogging does not required that. And once you start you will learn the this automatically which are required for blogging.

Who Will Teach Me Blogging & Why ?

First Let me intro myself – My name is Vijay Gehlot, I am 21 year old Entrepreneur from Pune. I am Interior Designer as well as Blogger. For you all that matters is what I have achieved in blogging or how much I earn so your I have my Google Adsense Earning screenshot.

one month earning of Vijay Gehlot from event blogging

This is a screenshot of my 1month earning all from event blogging, as I don’t work on regular blog I keep making new blogs according to events like Fifa World Cup, Mothers Day, Fathers Day etc and with this I rank and make huge income.

Now Question Is Why Will You Teach?

This question is asked to me frequently that if you are earning so much why you want to teach other and if I give more time towards blogging I can earn x2 times more than which I will get from Blogging Coaching. So I would say I am not doing this teaching stuff to make huge money I just charge decent amount because

  • I have experienced that there is no value for the things which you will get for free.
  • I saw many people taking coaching from Noob blogger & not learning anything
  • I have dream to create new bloggers, So that I can get best one to work with me.
  • If I won’t teach there are many other to teach

So now I have decided took boost you income all you need to take a step ahead. If you struggling in blogging or you are new to blogging I will guide from A to Z and teach you how you can settle your carrier in Blogging.

Some of My Work

indian super league live streaming screenshot



What Do You Want To Learn?

  • How To Start Blogging & Setup Up New Blog?
  • How To Get Google Adsense Approve?
  • Want To Learn Event Blogging?
  • Want To Know How I Make Backlinks?
  • Want To know How I Do On Page Seo?
  • Want To Boost Adsense Income To 1,000$ and Above?
  • Wants To Know How To Get CPC More Than 1$?


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