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About Vijay Gehlot

(Updated on 15/5/2014) It’s glad that someone is Interest in knowing about me. Well my name is Vijay Gehlot, I have done my Interior Designing Course and Currently Entrepreneur by Blogging. It feels good to call myself Entrepreneur at the Age of 20. I am owner of Vijaygehlot.com and over 100+ Blogs on different Niche. I am proud to be Owner of Pashium Company which I started in May 2014.

I have started my Blogging in June 2013 and now it’s been 11 months past and I have not achieved much in terms of Money but yeah I earn better then Engineers who are struggling from many year. But in terms of knowledge towards Blogging I have achieved a lot and now I can even call myself expert in Blogging & SEO. My article writing is very poor compare to other normal bloggers also but there are thousands reason that make me Unique. Here I am sharing some points too which will really give you a shock that How come Newbie can do so many thing in less period.

Here I am sharing you few FAQ which any Blogger would like to know.



  • How I started my Blogging

You may not believe my words but I never knew I would be doing Blogging or I will be creating any website. During my 2nd Year of Interior Designing on my friends approach I joined a company called Corporate Infocom Pvt Ltd which was MLM Company they provided product which was Domain and Hosting. But funniest thing was none of their senior had any Knowledge about Blogging, but I really Thanks them as they had done installation of WordPress for me from which I started my Blogging carrier.

  • How I got Motivated towards Blogging

Many might wonder If I was doing Interior Designing then how I got focused towards Blogging More and gave Interior Designing as 2nd priority though Interior Designing even has more money, fame everything.

Well Its fact that today also I am passionate towards Interior Designing and now also I take projects of that. But Blogging is my first priorities because from Childhood I am always have Aim or habit to do things which will give me money and it should be something creative. During my school time I used to be Gamer and I used to play so well and used sell my Gaming Character, I don’t know why I used to that but money in my pocket gives me more Joy rather it’s passion of Interior.

Now as I said Creative you might wonder what’s Creative in Blogging ? Well a person who don’t know any kind of Coding or Computer Language and doing Interior Designing which is complete different stream will obviously find All thing things dam creative.

As my articles are poor and fully spams it gives different feeling that I write something and that Ranks on Top Page of Google and I get tones of Visitors. Google Always Bans blocks my Websites and I tackle with such thing really gives me Joy. There 100’s of problems I get into every new blog and I don’t even understand that shit coding but still solve every single problem a day. Read my Articles in them I am sharing many problems which I faced and solved it. Also get to know how I earn throw Event Blogging, Niche Blogging and other Tips.

So this was all about me (Vijay Gehlot). Owner of Vijaygehlot.com Soon there will more things I will be sharing here.

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